If you need an accommodation, please write your preferences about prices, number of people, etc. in our mail, and we find you best option:

mob. +38098-901-41-93, e-mail:


Ostriv Hostel (Lviv, Vitvera St., 10)

Walking time to the Tournament Halls – up to 25 min.

It can accommodate 82 people (86 including extra beds). There are six 2M separate rooms (they are different, both with and without a bathroom, with a double and two single beds), two 4M, one 5M, four 6M, one 7M (attic with separate beds), two 8M and one 10M room. All multi-occupancy rooms have bunk beds with curtains. Regarding indicative prices: 1 place in a 4M room costs 11 euros, 5M and 6M for 10 euros, 7M and 8M for 9 euros, 10M for 8 euros. Cost of a 2M room with a bathroom – 28 euros, without a bathroom – 24 euros.


Ghostel (Lviv, Copernika St., 9)

The cost of the hostel from 10.06 to 14.06 – 980 euros or 26000UAH (28 seats). It can accommodate 30 people at a time. There will be 28 seats available for the competition period

4M room – 10 euros;  10M room – 9 euros;  2nd 12M rooms – 8 euros.



Green Hostel. (Lviv, Zelena st 20.)

Walking time to the main gym 20min. Holds 20 seats. The cost for a hostel for 1 night is 160 euros \ 20 beds




Hostel “Leosphere” (Lviv, Doroshenka st. 19)

There are 4 multiple rooms – 8M, 10M, 12M with a bathroom and 16M (ie together 46 beds or 48 with extra). 1 place per day in 16M costs 8 euros / person, in 8M -12M – 10M – 9 euros / person.



Hostel “Centrum” (Lviv,  Sichovyh Striltsiv st. 12).

It is located on the 4th and 5th floors, on each floor there is a kitchen, bathrooms and a reception. On the 4th floor there is one 4M, one 8M and one 10M rooms, on the 5th – one 2M without bathroom, one 8M and one 10M. 1 place in 10M, 8M – 9 euros, in 4M – 9.5 euros. Cost 2M – 24 euros per room. Under the hostel on the 1st floor there is a “Puzata hata”, which is convenient and close to eating on your own.