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The discipline was founded in 1950. With the hard working of famous scholars such as Liu Zhiping, Sun  Jinan, Liu  Zaisheng, as well as the SDNU discipline advantages in humantities and education, three disciplinary branches have formed, namely Music Education, Composition and Theories of Composing Technology, and Dance Education.

Professor Li  Haiou, the discipline leader of Music Education, is honored with the Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions in Shandong Province and the Vice Chairman of Shandong Province Musicians Association. Professor Li is mainly engaged in music education and Shandong folk song research, with great influence in music education talent cultivation, Shandong folk song performance and inheritance, and Liao Zhai slang research. She has presided over a National Art Fund project, a sub project of National Social Science Foundation major project, and three provincial projects. She has published four papers in CSSCI journals, and won the first prize of Taishan Literature and Art Award of Shandong Province, the First Cultural Innovation Award of Shandong Province, and the first prize of Outstanding Teaching Achievement of Shandong Province, etc.

Professor Wang  Guisheng, the discipline leader of Composition and Theories of Composing Technology, is the vice president of the Composing Technology Theory Society of the Music Education Branch attached to Chinese Education Association. Professor Wang is mainly engaged in analyses of works and research on harmony. He has published eleven papers in CSSCI journal and a monograph. He has presided over a National Social Science Fund Art Project, a Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education. He has won the China Music Golden Bell Award for Theoretical Review Excellence Award, and the second prize of Shandong Province Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, etc.

Professor Gao Zhiyi, the discipline leader of Dance Education, is a member of the Presidium of the Shandong Terpsichorean Association. Professor Gao has a strong influence in dance education and creation. He has presided over a national project and published 5 papers in CSSCI journal. Appointed by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, he has been to United States, Kenya and other countries to spread Chinese excellent traditional culture. His original work has won prizes in director group in national competitions such as the “Tao Li Cup”. He was invited to participate in dirctor teams of grand performances like the “G20 Summit”, “Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic”, “CCTV Spring Festival Gala”.

Li Ao, a graduate of School of Music, is currently a contracted singer for theaters such as the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the San Francisco Opera. He has Won the first place in the man’s group of the 2013 Domingo World Opera Competition, the second place in the 2017 Shizuoka International Opera Competition in Japan, the third place in the 2018 Queen Elizabeth International Vocal Competition of Belgium, and the first place in the bel canto group of the 12th China Music Golden Bell Award in 2019, etc.

Adhering to the development ideas that discipline construction should adapt to industrial transformation, the discipline accurately meets “Eight Major Development Strategies” and the development needs of key industries of Shandong Province. It also focuses on the cultural characteristics of the rivers, seas, mountains, and plains in Shandong cultural geography. Centering on Shandong music culture, the discipline explores vigorously the regional characteristics of Shandong music and dance culture. Through stage practice and cultural exchanges, the channels have been constructed relating cultural education policy and academic discipline with social needs. In this way, “Shandong Folk Songs” can become “Famous Songs”, and the reputation of social services and the influence of disciplines can be enhanced through high-level artistic practice. Students and teachers in School of Music have participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for 3 times, the national college and middle school students art performance “Flowers in May” for 7 times, the “Chinese Folk Song Conference” twice. They have also hosted successfully the “Elegant Art for Campus” of the Ministry of Education. In some grand performances like the “Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Army”, “The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China”, “The 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up”, and “G20 Summit”, they have shown excellence. Projects and activities promote the coordinated development of regions and form a good situation of mutual support and cooperation, including series of performance activities of the National Arts Fund project “Shandong Folk Song Performing Talent Training”, “Shandong Folk Song Restoration Project”, the first batch of “Hope House” activities, joint construction in Jinan International Airport, and the “Happy Childhood” education poverty alleviation public welfare project, etc.

The school focuses on the construction of the first-class disciplines from an international perspective and actively builds up international cooperation platforms. With the communicating method of “bringing in, going globally”, it has established strategic cooperative partnerships with the University of Evry in France, the University of Nazareth in the United States, and the San Jose Art City Hall in the United States, and has conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation with them, promoting the cultivation of international talents. The school successfully hosted the International Academic Symposium of Sino-Japanese Music Comparison in Shandong Province, which has created a new highland for opening up and enhanced international reputation and influence. Eighteen members of the discipline team have overseas education background, accounting for 21%. In recent years, to realize the international development of disciplines and strengthen the construction of teaching staff through internationalization, the school has delegated teachers and students to the United States, France, South Korea, Japan and other countries (regions) for academic visits, artistic exchanges and other activities for more than thirty times. The school has received more than 100 foreign musicians, scholars, teachers and students, involving more than 10 Countries and regions. The discipline actively serves the “Belt and Road” cause and tells wonderful stories of China. Entrusted by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, members of the disciplinary team have been to the Philippines, Thailand and other countries continuously for four years to conduct Confucius Institute tours, steadily promote connections with music schools along the Belt and Road, expand cross-departmental collaborative innovation projects, and actively promote Chinese culture to step out of China and face the world.

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