• news20

     WINNER!!! FLC Yantar / category U-15

  • news19

    WINNER!!! FLC Viktoria / category U-13

  • news19

    WINNER!!! FCB Skif / category  U-11

  • news18

    WINNER!!! FCB Storm / category  U-10

  • news16

    We of course got a registration from Ukraine National Champion 2016-17 - "Skala Melitopol". With a very busy schedule they found a way to make it to our tournament. Re-post please!…

  • news15

    Unfortunately we had another cancellation from "Citrus Team", Czech( However this next team some of the guys you know from 2013, they played for our winner back than "Privatbank".. This year they are bringing a new team called "BBB" from Bauska, Latvia. Welcome back to Ukraine, friends.

  • news17

    We have officially started! #uofloorball2017 #juniorcategory

  • news12

    Unfortunately "Pioneer Tychy" from Poland cancelled their registration, however we got a registration from "LUKS "Grześ" Hrubieszów" right away.

  • news14

    3 teams in 3 different categories for "Nadiya" from Kolomyja. We will have a Men, Women and U-13 team playing this year. WELCOME!

  • news10

    3-rd year in a row these guys come to Lviv to represent Poland in our tournament! We welcome AZS PWSW Przemyśl!

  • news13

    We got a lot of registrations from Ukrainian teams for Men category.. Let's welcome to "Ukraine Open 2017" team "Vulkan" from Rivne. The boys have advanced to the highest league this year.

  • news11

    Team "Alfa" from Uzhgorod registered for the tournament in March. We appreciate such responsibility and can't wait to see you.

  • news7

    Another team from Czech Republic will come to Lviv to represent their country in this year's tournament.

  • news 8

    Because of great interest our tournament has to set a limit of teams we can host this year...

    Men category - 32 TEAMS!
    Women category - 8 TEAMS!

    At this moment we have:

    !!! MEN - 25 teams, 7 vacancies LEFT !!!
    !!! WOMEN - 5 teams, 3 vacancies LEFT !!!

    We ask you to try to understand our limits and follow the rules in order to register your team on time. So please:

    *** Teams, that send registration request (with photo added is a preference) and pay tournament fee in the next few days will get the confirmation by organizing committee of the tournament ***

    Please hurry and register: UKRAINEOPENFLOORBALL@GMAIL.COM !!!

    Thank you for understanding !!!

  • news8

    Earlier this month we got a registration from "KFC". 3 teams will represent our club from the Capital: KFC and KFC-2 in Men, also one team in Women - "КФК Україночка"!

  • news9

    We want to keep introducing teams that have already registered for our tournament. Let's welcome first timers! They took 2-nd place in Prague Masters tournament in 2016 and they are from Latvia and the name is simple "Riga".

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    One more registration from Czech Republic - FBC Vysocany EASTars in Men category!
    Great to see such popularity of our tournament in Czech Republic!

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    2nd year in a row these guys are coming to represent Belarus in our tournament. Let's greet our friends from "Pahonia"!

  • news3

    We are proud to present to you winners of last year's Women category, our friends from Latvia - "Goal Diggers". We are grateful that you are coming yet again to support our tournament! Good luck and have fun...

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    Please meet a team from Czech Republic called "Divoký kočky" - "Дикі Кішки", or "Wild Cats".



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